Sadeer Farm (Sadeer Farms) is located at Abdali district, Kuwait around 130 kms from Kuwait city. Established in 1995. It is a family oriented business. The farm is a vast land consisting of 350,000 sqm well maintained land that will provide Restaurant owners with the comprehensive ability to evaluate the highest quality and best yields.

Enhanced greenhouses, enriched techniques for vegetable production, irrigation system and developed water conservation practices.

Sadeer Farms using particular farming practices and systems that enhances the productivity and value of the crops.

Sadeer Farms has endeavored to develop a framework through which one can better understand the landscape. The impact of investing in the farm will purposefully generates measurable benefit.

Most restaurants encounter obstacles in purchasing locally grown vegetables and exotic varieties in sufficient quantity and quality at the right time and place. We, at Sadeer Farms now provide you with a golden opportunity to grow your own vegetables and herbs in a wide range to serve the palate of your valued diners.

Sadeer Farms will give you the realization of your most cherished dream of picking your fresh cultivated greens from the farm direct to your kitchen counter and into the plates the same day.

We at Sadeer Farms will offer you our expertise in growing your own crop on a fertile, clean and regulatory environment which gives you the benefit of healthy fresh vegetables.

Vegetables cultivated in a clean and healthy environment will be an advantage for your valued diet conscious diners.

Area Management

Indoor 4KD per meter 10 months contract

Minimum 305 meters x 4 = 1220

Outdoor 2.5 KD 8 months contract

Approximate cultivation in 1 sqm

8 Tomatoes plants = 48 kgs of Tomatoes

8 Kale plants = 24 kgs of Kale

8 Basil plants = 26 kgs of Basil


The Nationals and Expats residing in Kuwait are learning to appreciate the more sophisticated taste of healthy food. Therefore taste and health consciousness is what is driving the demand for cultivating your Menu.


1. Flexibility in meeting restaurant's needs.

2. High-quality product with best price, quality, and production efficiencies.

3. No disappointments of late delivery or insufficient product supplies.

Contact Details

Name : Nidhin Sebastian

Mobile : (965) 94444911